Zima Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 150g

ZIMA’s dry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds are soaked and activated then gently dry roasted for an extra nutty flavour and crunch. These ‘local’ pumpkin seeds are great to eat as a convenient snack or sprinkled over salads, pizza, stirfries or garnishing any dish. The flavour is delicious, leaving you wanting more…Pumpkin seeds are also great in home-made bread, cakes and biscuits or simply sprinkled on your morning cereal – a smart way to start your day. Once you try our Pumpkin Seeds you will be tantalised by the taste and excited by the wealth of nutrients available.  After pressing oil, the cake is used to make flour, and in making fine flour some solid particles are remaining and combined to produce tasty and soft cookies.

Fr 2.500