About us

Our history

Zima Healthy Group was established in 2017. The company’s founder Marie Ange Mukagahima was studying International Economics when she noticed how pumpkins grown in her community were much neglected, despite their well-documented nutritional benefits. Some hundred years ago, pumpkin was a much-appreciated vegetable in Rwandan traditional dishes and culture. Over the years pumpkin got neglected and forgotten. Marie Ange then rediscovered the pumpkin as a healthy and nutritious food product. In search for social innovation, she got the idea of making a prototype pumpkin cake, and pumpkin bread and entered this product into the Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Rwanda Youth Social Innovators Competition in 2017. She won the competition with her strong social innovation, and she started Zima.

Since then, Zima Healthy group has developed into a professional manufacturer of high quality food products and cosmetics, with a network of close to 100 outgrowers, its own sophisticated semi-automated production line and a distribution network covering over 60 outlets throughout the country. Sales levels are growing and the company has started exportation.

Today, Zima is recognized as a leading premium quality brand in pumpkin seed processing and valorization in Rwanda, and has successfully put a healthy diet and lifestyle on the agenda. Furthermore, Zima has raised awareness of health benefits of pumpkin seeds and a loyal customer base has been built.

Zima has been able to revive interest in pumpkin cultivation and processing and has formed partnerships with other pumpkin producers across East and West Africa. The current product portfolio comprises some 8 different products in some 20 stock keeping units, ranging from virgin oils to snacks to ingredients.

Zima has been able to create distribution partnerships with no less than 60 retailers and food producers across the country. Zima has successfully obtained certification from the Rwanda Standards Board.

In 2020 to date, Zima managed to identify, purchase and introduce good sowing seed varieties. The varieties bring higher yields and produce pumpkin seeds with higher oil content. Moreover, the seeds are hulless, which makes processing easier.

Ultimo 2021 Zima has introduced new, more professional and more sustainable packaging.


The company has a total of 30 employees working daily to operate business activities. The management team is made of 5 people who oversee the production, planning, implementation, finance, and running the day-to-day operations, from farming activities follow up. Furthermore, some of the team members may undertake more than one role to maximize each employee’s potential and increase efficiency. The team is composed of highly talented and ambitious young people with a desire to learn and improve their skills. We intend to retain employees by providing benefits, creating a pleasant environment and investing in their career development.


In the coming years, Zima Healthy Group will sustain its growth, will keep extending its product portfolio and will keep improving its product quality. We intend to increase our beneficial social and environmental impact for the country. We plan to grow our exports, both in Africa and beyond. We keep investing in the career development of our employees. Zima Healthy Group continues to develop itself into one of Rwanda’s employers of choice.

If you find that a product does not live up to the quality expected of Zima, please contact our customer support team.


Our mission

To manufacture and distribute healthy and tasteful Rwandan products of the best quality and customer value, while creating beneficial social and environmental impact for Rwanda.